Featured Cyprus Hotels

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Mediterranean Sea, each with its own unique characteristics, but by far one of the most breathtaking is the Island of Cyprus. The Mediterranean Sea’s third largest island, Cyprus has many features and characteristics that make it worth visiting. This is why Cyprus holidays are becoming more and more popular, and Cyprus hotels are becoming more and more affordable. One of the most popular tourist destinations on Cyprus Island is the spectacular Paphos Beach. Thousands of tourist flock to Paphos hotels every year, during every season, to enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, Paphos hotels, and Cyprus hotels in general, are so popular among tourists that the island actively promotes tourism these days. With that being said, you can be sure that there is much to do for those that decide to take Cyprus holidays. The number one attraction on the island is, of course, Paphos Beach. There are many things to love about this beautiful Mediterranean beach, starting with the breathtaking crystal clear blue-green waters that characterize the beach. But in addition to the beach itself there are many other things in and around Paphos to enjoy as well. There are numerous historic sites worth checking out, a vibrant city to explore, a number of museums where you can discover the culture of the island and the locals, and multiple restaurants at which you can dine on delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Added all together, these activities make for an exciting Cyprus holiday vacation, one that you will always remember for sure. These days vacations are easier than ever to plan, so planning a holiday on the lovely Cyprus Island is no trouble at all. And it is just as easy to enjoy the island that is one of the most beautiful and laid-back in all of the Mediterranean. Whether you enjoy the exciting nightlife, spend your time touring Cyprus wineries, choose to make your vacation a food exploration, or while away the hours by the Mediterranean waters, you are sure to enjoy your Cyprus Paphos Beach Vacation.